Dandy's Book

After creating a blog book about our first six years together in Canada, I also decided to convert Dandy's Diary to a book. Reading back, most memories were so happy, some were so painful. Trying to see the world through Dandy's eyes, I have always tried to portray an honest view of his life, the ups, downs and final difficult decision we had to make in the end.

Looking back (and looking in from the outside) it is easy to see what we should have done, where we went wrong, etc... truth is such things are never easy. I have learned so much from Dandy, one thing I am convinced about is that unlike for example cats, dogs or horses, parrots do not belong in and around the house - they belong in the wild among their own kind.

Anyway, here it is, his life in book form. Dandy, we will always love you... and I still miss you even after all these years. If you wish to get a copy, contact me and I'll see what we can do.


My Last Dandy Entry

Finally, after all these years, I have converted Dandy's entire diary to Blogger. Originally, his diary was written in html, the language of the 90's. However, time has not stood still, and I decided it was time for a complete and utter update. The only thing that will still remind of the dial-up times is the quality of the pictures. Back then, it was paramount to keep them as tiny as possible, and I don't have the original scans anymore. Welcome to Dandy's Diary (the modern term, of course, is blog) for a peek in the past!
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RIP Sweet Dandy

We got a sad letter from the aviary's vet. Dandy was taken ill to their sick bay, where sadly he passed away. They did an authopsy, and it was reveiled that he died from a malfunctioning stomach gland syndrome. It paralyses the nerves within the stomach so that the animals dies; presently there is no known cure for it.

Our baby would have been 9 years old coming November.



A lot has changed in my life... I got married and moved to Canada. Of course I am very happy with my new life, but I will miss visiting Dandy! However, I am glad to know that he is VERY happy... he has a large aviary to play in and certainly doesn't miss his old life. We got a lot of flack from some people, who thought we abandoned Dandy, didn't love him, didn't even try... all I can say is that we always did the best we could, and that we always had Dandy's very best interest at heart. We thought it would be very selfish of us to keep Dandy in an environment where he was very unhappy, just to satisfy our needs. Perhaps we could have done some things differently, we did not have the knowledge I acquired later. Dandy, my sweets, I still miss you!

Happy Dandy

Finally, finally, finally, we have seen our sweet Dandy again. Temporary, he lives in the winter quarters until the weather is well enough for him to move to one of the huge aviaries outside, where he will stay for the rest of his natural life. He is in a large cage now, which he shares with about 12 other Greys. We were so happy to see him again that we all started crying. Dandy was completely flabbergasted to see us and then very, very exited! We whisled his favorite tunes and he whistled him right back, he wanted his head scratched all the time and kissed us through the cage. We were all so happy to see him; we just wished we lived closer to the place so that we could visit him more often. We will visit him again in May, when he will be outside. Just now, my heart is very heavy, because the memory of the first good-bye is all back. Dear Dandy, why couldn't you just be happy with us? But don't worry, we know you are happy now and we will never allow you to be unhappy again!

His New Life

They say that you get used to everything. This is true, but still we miss our Dandy. We phone to the refugee center regularly to ask about our Dandy, and the answers are always the same: Dandy is still in quarantine but fine, he has adjusted well, he has stopped picking his feathers, he is between other Greys, although still in the same cage on his own. We are not allowed to visit him yet, but we will, as soon as his quarantine period is over!

Miss You!

The house is still very empty without our Dandy. Every time when we come upstairs, we get a shock to see the empty space in my room. We have given Dandy's aviary to the refugee center for them to use, so I have rearranged the items in my room and bought a large plant to hide the emptiness. We just wished the emptiness in our hearts would be filled... not a minute goes by without thinking, talking and dreaming about our Dandy!