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I the three weeks I have been living with the Van der Nent family, I have come to know quite a few family routines. The one that is best noticeable because it is so much in my own interest, is the food routine. Every time my dinner is ready, my family use the same phrases: "Dandy, do you want to eat ? Come on, we're going to eat ! Yes, let's eat now!" Then they pick me up and feed me. At first I did not react, but lately I have started answering them with a loud "Yelp! Yelp! YELP!!! ", as soon as I hear it. I can't say "Yes" yet, but I will, one day.

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His New Life

They say that you get used to everything. This is true, but still we miss our Dandy. We phone to the refugee center regularly to ask about our Dandy, and the answers are always the same: Dandy is still in quarantine but fine, he has adjusted well, he has stopped picking his feathers, he is between other Greys, although still in the same cage on his own. We are not allowed to visit him yet, but we will, as soon as his quarantine period is over!


I have caught a terrible cold. All day long, I am sneezing and coughing. Haaaaa-CHEEEEEEE! Cough! Rattle! Don't you feel pity for me? Well, don't worry, I'll tell you a secret. I haven't really caught a cold, but it is just a sound I can't resist. This is Hilke's way of sneezing... and I just copied it! Do you hear me calling her name?

The Big Oh Three

This is a special moment. Earlier this year, Sophia has reached the Big Three Oh. Today, I have reached the Big Oh Three! I am growing up fast and will soon reach full maturity. Later this month, I will contemplate about my life so far but now I will go to sleep. Good night!