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The weather was very nice today, so Sophia took me outside again. Some of the neighbors were there as well, so they all came to me and made my acquaintance. I was a bit shy, but I really liked the attention. After a while I tried to fly away, but the chain stopped me and I ended where I started: on Sophia's shoulder. I realize now that Outside you can look, listen and talk, but you can't fly. I like the place anyway.

Five Months Old

Today I am five months old. I can't imagine I came to live with the family when I was only five weeks old and now... boy, am I growing or what!

Wolf Whistle

I know it! I know the Wolf Whistle! I have been practicing it for weeks now, but finally I can whistle it perfectly. My family thinks it sounds extremely funny coming from my mouth, especially when I blend it in with the rest of my songs.

Bye Bye Blackbird

It was sunny and warm today, so the family took me Outside again. I still don't like the chain around my leg, but outside there is so much to see and hear, that I soon forget it is there. I saw a blackbird searching for worms at merely two meters away and for minutes we gazed at each other. For the first time in my life, I liked it here. I didn't even try to fly away this time.

Body Parts

It is funny, but I know exactly how much pressure the various body parts of the various family member can take. For example, their lips are the most sensitive, so when I give them a kiss I have to be really, really gentle. Then, there are the toes. You have to be careful with them! All my family members are ticklish, so although their toes fascinate me, I restrict my activities solely to wiping my beak on them. Noses are an absolute, unconditional no-no. Pity, because they look like things you could easily get a grip on to climb on their heads. Ears are nice when they eat something; just sit on a shoulder and pull: automatically their mouth will turn in your direction. Last, but not least there are the fingers. With Hilke's and Sophia's fingers you have to be rather gentle, but with Jan I can almost be as rough as I want. I think I like the fingers the most, especially Jan's.


I have become a handsome, strong bird now. I have the energy and the rashness of youth, so even if I come out of my cage only three or four times a day, at nighttime the whole family is tired. When I am out of the cage, they have to watch me literally every second. I try out everything new, I fly to every object in the house, dangerous or not, and last but not least I want to chew on everything within reach to see how many bits are detachable.

About Music

All family members have a very specific taste in music. Jan likes classical music, jazz and his own harmonica music, Hilke enjoys classical music and opera's and Sophia has a broad interest, varying from music of the 50's to some soft pop of the 90's. I like any kind of music, as long as I can sing along and dance to it on somebody's shoulder. At the moment Sophia has got a severe attack of Beatlemania, aw yeah, yeah, yeah, whooooooo!

Goodnight Honey!

When Sophia gets ready for bed, she wishes me goodnight, cuddles me for a few seconds and switches off the light in my room. She always says the same: "Goodnight honey, g'night!" She has done it since my first day in this house. At first I didn't react, but lately when she uses this phrase I know exactly what is going to happen. In fact, I wouldn't be able to have a good night's rest without it.

Maria Callas Understudy

My singing vocabulary is growing all the time. It is so nice to sit on Jan's shoulder and listen to his music and loudly sing and whistle along. It is a very serious matter to me, so I honestly don't know why the family roars with laughter every time I open my mouth. What is so funny about my singing? They'll have to explain that one day...

A Bird's Life

I like being a parrot. I go where and when I desire to go. All the food, the house and the family, it all belongs to ME. If Jan is dancing, I fly on his shoulder. If Hilke is eating, I go to steal some from her. If Sophia puts on her jacket, I abandon everything to nibble on the buttons of her coat. The rest of the time, I play with everything in sight. Wow, what a life!

Random Day II

Last time on the family reality show... we discussed our morning ritual. And now the conclusion: lunchtime and the rest. Hilke always cooks a delicious healthy meal with lots of vegetables. In the beginning I was allowed to partake the whole time, but I was getting too annoying during the meal. Now, when they have nearly finished, Sophia takes me downstairs to share the last bites with the family. Then, depending on what day it is, she either gets ready to go to work again and leaves me with Jan and Hilke once again, or we enjoy her free afternoon together as she takes me upstairs to play with me. When I get tired, I climb in my cage to sleep for a while. In the evening they take me out one more time for my own personal singing and cuddling hour and then I go to sleep, happy and content with everything.

Random Day

For the interested ones: today I will describe an average week day. Early in the morning Jan wakes up Sophia to make sure she won't be late for work (she is spoiled rotten like me). She gets dressed, after which she collects me and we come down to have breakfast together. In the meantime, Jan takes coffee to Hilke who is still in bed (did I hear the word "spoiled" mentioned?). After Sophia has left the house, Jan puts on some of his own harmonica music and dances and sings with me for a while and takes me back to my cage. There, a delicious breakfast awaits me so I always enjoy going back. To be continued...

Lesson Learned

Since I keep flying at the window over and over again, my family asked an expert on raising baby Greys what to do about it. They thought that after I bumped my head a couple of times, I would stop hurting myself. Do you know what he said? He explained I won't learn it at all! He said they have to put something in front of the window or I could get myself killed one day. Now, they lower the lamellas every time I come down. You have to make some sacrifices if you live with a parrot.

Missing Outside

The weather is very strange this time of the year: one minute winter coats and umbrellas are to been seen on the streets and the next moment the sun is shining brightly. I can't go Outside in this kind of weather, but never mind, I have enough to do indoors.

A Big Fright

When I descended the stairs on Sophia's shoulder this morning, on the moment she passed the front door the news paper came through the letter box. Normally I am not easily startled, but this took me by surprise. I flew away as fast as I could and hit the window so hard the glass rattled. The family screamed in terror, but also this time I didn't break anything but my family's nerves.


Ever since I discovered the Fun Coat, Sophia has had difficulties getting to the town hall (where she works). She has been late for the whole past week, so the family had to think of a solution. When Sophia puts on her coat, Jan puts on an old coat too. When I am busy playing with Jan's coat, Sophia quickly sneaks outside. Being retired from work, Jan doesn't have to leave so early. So far it worked fine, but the family is afraid that I will discover the trick soon and make life difficult again for Sophia.


Pok, Pok, Pok. Boy, do I like that word. If I want Jan's attention, I say "Pok?". If Hilke doesn't want me to play with her news paper and keeps me away, I say "Pok!!!". If I want Sophia to share the contents of her mouth with me, I say "Poooook??!" Fortunately, they all know me so well by now that they know exactly what I mean. Although they are a bit disappointed that at the tender age of four-and-a-half months I still don't talk. Well, you can't have it all, I guess. I'm not supposed to talk till I'm over a year old anyway.

New Word

I have a new word in my vocabulary: Pok All my family members wonder where I picked it up, because it is not a word they use in their daily language. However, I use it for everything: when I am aggravated, angry, happy, jealous or want anything. I like the word. Pok, Pok, Pok!

Home Alone

The family members were away for almost a whole day! When they came back at five, they pampered me so much, that I soon forgot I'd been alone for so long. To be completely honest, I napped during most of the day. Don't tell Jan, he kept saying how lonely I must have been...

Spring Cleaning II

Spring cleaning continues: I like it because I have never had so many toys to play with. The floor in Sophia's room is packed with goodies. Late in the evening she has finished and I must say, it looks very empty now. She has collected three full bags of things she wants to give away. She won't look in any of the bags for fear she will experience feelings of regret.

Spring Cleaning

It's springtime... Sophia decided to start a tremendous job: cleaning her entire room. She had a peculiar method doing it: she opened all her drawers, cupboards and tins and threw the contents on the floor. Then, she took a couple of garbage bags and picked up all items one by one. She looked at the item in her hand, counted to ten and then either give it a place in her room or put it in the bag to bring it to the second hand shop later. Her room is a mess.

Spoiled Rotten

Playing in Sophia's bedroom in the morning is one of the happiest occasions I can think of and this was one of those mornings again. After a while I got tired and fell asleep under the eiderdown. Jan and Hilke came in and my three family members gave me so many kisses that my head almost felt wet and sticky. I wonder if there is any parrot in the world that is as spoiled as I am.

I Was a Baby Once

The ones who have read my diary so far have seen how I have grown from a tiny, bald, ugly, demanding baby to a good-looking, sweet-natured toddler. Sophia likes to tell me stories about when I was little. Funny, I can't remember any of it. I have lived with parents that had wings and a red feathered tail? I was taken to Winterswijk in something called a car? I slept on a hot-water-bottle? I was fed with a spoon? Get out of town, that's never happened for real! Or has it?