Body Parts

It is funny, but I know exactly how much pressure the various body parts of the various family member can take. For example, their lips are the most sensitive, so when I give them a kiss I have to be really, really gentle. Then, there are the toes. You have to be careful with them! All my family members are ticklish, so although their toes fascinate me, I restrict my activities solely to wiping my beak on them. Noses are an absolute, unconditional no-no. Pity, because they look like things you could easily get a grip on to climb on their heads. Ears are nice when they eat something; just sit on a shoulder and pull: automatically their mouth will turn in your direction. Last, but not least there are the fingers. With Hilke's and Sophia's fingers you have to be rather gentle, but with Jan I can almost be as rough as I want. I think I like the fingers the most, especially Jan's.