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Lightning Damage

Guess what! The lightning has struck our telephone system. The family didn't notice it yesterday, but today they found out they couldn't use the phone. The telephone company can't come before coming Thursday, so the family will have a quiet week. They see only one little advantage of the whole thunderstorm affair: they are not so worried anymore that I will turn out a nervous wreck any time there is a sudden noise. They say I have had the worst experience possible; from now on everything will be a piece of cake compared to the Big Bang we had yesterday.

Thunder & Lightning

This afternoon there was a terrible thunderstorm right above Winterswijk, the town which we live in. The family kept on talking to each other and made sure not to react too jumpy at every crash as not to scare me. At one moment there was a flash of lightning accompanied by a particularly loud BANG. It was so nearby, that the telephone started to ring and the lights flashed on and off for a moment. Everybody was stunned, including me. I was sitting on Sophia's lap and tried to hide under her T-shirt. She patted me and soothed me, so soon I was okay again. I don't think I like thunderstorms, but I wasn't exactly devastated either.

Water Is So Wet!

Up to now I never really enjoyed having a shower. I've had my showers about twice a week because Jan insisted on it, but it never was my favorite activity. Until today! Perhaps the reason was that it was a beautiful warm spring day, but this morning I could hardly wait when Jan filled the spray bottle. It was such a nice game, jumping in and out the spray, squeaking with joy. I couldn't get enough of it. In the end I got so wet that I was twice as heavy. I wasn't even able to fly anymore!

New Toy

Today Sophia bought a new toy for my cage. She heard that African Greys are very conservative birds who shun anything new and unusual, so she tricked me into liking it. It is a chain with a string of wooden blocks. She hung it in my cage when I was sitting on her shoulder, watching closely what she was doing. Since I was not in the cage myself, I didn't feel attacked, just curious. After ten minutes, when this strange object still didn't appear to be dangerous, I collected my nerves and went on my way. I liked the toy so much that I didn't even want to come out of my cage after a couple of hours.

Chain Gang

By now I like being taken outside, but that horrid chain shouldn't be there. Normally I don't question my family's actions, but now I am in doubt whether they are doing the right thing. Instead of enjoying the sunshine, the green garden and the many birds I see, I keep showing them the chain around my leg by lifting my claw and biting the links. The family is absolutely relentless. As long as I am outside, the chain stays on.

Half a Year Old

I was born on 25 November of last year. Today it is the 25th of May, so today I am HALF A YEAR OLD! Wow, I feel so BIG! The family talked about my childhood, long ago in dark, cold ages. According to them I am still a child, but say! I am able to do lots of things now that I couldn't do back then!

Chained Jailbird

The Van der Nents have a nice garden that contains everything a bird needs: trees, fruit plants and a pond to bathe in. The birds in Holland are very tame, especially in our neighborhood. When the family is in the garden, they come as close as half a meter to seek worms for their young. They don't pay any attention to me, but all the more I keep a cautious eye on them. Look Sophia, they don't have chains around their legs, why be so cruel to me then?

Not Liking Outside

Jan, Hilke and Sophia went to sit in the garden and took me with them. I never thought I would think that way again, but it was as cozy as it was in the beginning (March). They were chatting to each other, again I saw many birds and the wind played in my feathers. After ten minutes I gave my first sound while being outside: the wolf whistle. I noticed the world did not change after that, so I carefully uttered a few more sounds. All the same, I was happy when we went inside again after half an hour.

Outside In

Sophia decided to take me outside again, because she knows that I have to get used to it one day and will start to like it then. This time, I didn't panic. I was sitting quietly on her shoulder and knee and tried to make myself invisible. The only things that moved were my neck and my eyes, because the many birds in the garden and in the sky fascinated me. Perhaps Outside isn't such a hell after all.

Weeks Went By

For some weeks nothing worthwhile has happened, but today finally the weather has changed for the better. I had almost forgotten there was something like an Outside, but today Sophia took me there again. I was very scared and things got worse when I was startled by a sudden sound. I tried to fly away, but was stopped by the chain. It didn't hurt a bit, but I started panicking and bit the first thing within reach, which happened to Sophia's finger. After that, she took me and her bleeding finger inside again. After all, being outside should be a nice event and not a nightmare.