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To Clip Or Not To Clip

I am seven months old now. Sophia read on the Internet that it is best to clip the wings around that age. However, the family decided not to clip my wings at all. They like me the way I am and it doesn't bother them that I am able to fly. Besides, I am a very quiet bird: the only time I like to stretch my wings is early in the morning. The rest of the day I prefer to climb and tumble on the willow tree Jan has craftily created for me.

Cuddle Time

Tonight I was in a cuddly mood. I had been busy playing all day, so in the end I was over-exhausted. I was sitting on Sophia's knee and she started to read aloud to me, as she sometimes does. At first I chattered along, but soon she noticed I wanted to be cuddled. We hugged and kissed until I was completely satisfied. That is what I like about my family. They simply know what I need, each time again. During the day, I don't want to be hugged and kissed: then I want to play rough and tough. But just before bedtime, I always want my head scratched.

Shower? Not Me!

Today, another nice spring day, sunny and warm. Jan remembered how I enjoyed my shower last Friday and was convinced the same would happen today. Not so, however. He got the spray bottle and I jumped on his shoulder and stayed there. When Sophia tried to get me off, I attached my claws firmly to his shirt and roared with laughter. After ten minutes, Jan and Sophia were wet to the bones while I hadn't even felt a drop of water yet. I heard them moan and groan, but don't think I gave in! In the end they gave up, but somehow I don't think I have heard the last of it.

Wild Thing

Today I was even more wild and wanton than usual. I pretended to be a torpedo, ready to attack. I flew around the living room and dived on Jan's shoulder, screaming with joy and pecking in his ear. If you wouldn't have known better you'd think I was a nasty, naughty bird. Fortunately Jan realized it is just my way to get rid of my surplus of energy and show my love at the same time. It didn't hurt anyway, because I know I have to be gentle with ears.