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Say What?

Again I stayed in my cage for most of the day. Before the humans went, the let me out and the very second that they came home, they took me out again. I heard something very strange too: they spoke about "the need of getting a bigger home for me". How so? What do they mean? Only time can tell...

Alone All Day

The coming days, the family will have their annual three day's convention of Jehovah's Witnesses. They will be gone from early in the morning till about six o'clock in the evening. Useless to say I was very happy when they finally came home this evening.

Kid In Disguise

In the beginning I counted my age in weeks. Now, I can start to count in months. Today, I have reached the eight months' mark. I feel big already, but I can't fool my family. They know that I am still a kiddy, even in parrot terms.

Sophia's Day Off

Sophia has a couple of days off from work. We both like that, because we can spend quality time together. Normally, in the morning Jan keeps me company, so he will be glad to be relieved of duty for a few days.


When the family has visitors, they like to show me off. However, they are very selective with which persons I can fly about. Today Sophia had visitors and she knew them to be quiet and relaxed with pets. I loved to make their acquaintance.

Postscript by Sophia: some people have expressed concerns over Dandy playing with a knife. We would NEVER put Dandy into any dangerous situation: this knife was quite blunt and safe. Don't ever allow your bird to play with a sharp object, it might cut their tongue!