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Less Whistling

The family decided to whistle less (that will be difficult: they are all born whistlers) and try to stimulate more talking. They will do that by encouraging all "humanoid" sounds I make, no matter how incomprehensible. They remembered that when I was a babe of just six weeks, I made sounds that made them believe I talked. Surely I must be able to say at least a few words!

Will I Talk?

Sophia has read numerous articles on the Internet about (non) talking parrots. She learned many things. First of all, some Greys won't start talking till they have reached two years of age. There is hope still for me. Second, the family shouldn't have started whistling to me before I was able to talk. Third, no matter the stimulus or efforts you put into it, not every Grey learns to talk.

Mum's the Word

Today I have become nine months old and I have to admit something: I still don't talk. Although I can whistle nice tunes now, I haven't said a word yet. Sophia said she will look on the Internet to read articles about the talking ability of parrots and how to teach them. The most frequent question my family hears when people meet me is: "Does he talk?" However, I know that even if I will never say a word they will still love me.

Back to Normal

This morning Jan brought me to Sophia to wake her up. Everything is back to normal again, thank goodness.

She's Home!

I have had a great week alone with Jan and Hilke. However, I am very happy that Sophia came back this afternoon. Poor Sophia: she has had a great time, but the whole week she had worried that I would forget her after a full week. How could you think such a thing, have you forgotten what a tremendous memory we parrots have??? Anyway, she was completely reassured in the end, because when I saw her I screamed and jumped up and down.

Horses? Bah!

Sophia phoned this evening. She spoke to Jan, Hilke and to me and told us all how tired she is already and how much she misses me. From what I hear there is very convivial atmosphere on the other side of the phone line; I wish I were there. Sophia told me that everybody would like to see me too.

Bye Sophia, Have Fun!

Sophia went on holiday today. She will spend a week on a horse riding camp to help a group of disabled persons to have a nice holiday. I will miss you, Sophia. I know you'll miss me, too.

Silly Me

Now I am used to my new home, even when it is time to sleep. I don't understand why I made so much fuss at first: my new home is so much fun! I never, ever, ever even ask to be taken out, but the family loves having me around so I spend a lot of time on their hands and knees anyway.

Skeletons in the Closet

Same thing happened again: during the day through I loved my new home, but at night time I got very nervous and restless. Again Sophia cooed to me and sang lullabies, so finally I gave up trying to find my old home and went to sleep.

Aviary For Me!

I am the most spoiled bird in the entire world. Do you know what I got today? A huge aviary in Sophia's living room! It is one by one meter and 1.80 high! Jan put ropes, willow branches and toys inside, so I had the time of my life in there. But... when it got time to sleep, I got more and more nervous. I wanted my old cage back. Sophia scratched and soothed me, and finally I went to sleep.