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Talking - I Think

Finally, finally my family think I have started to talk. Although it isn't anything understandable whatsoever, they think I use a human voice sometimes. Hilke thinks I copy her laughter, which may well be possible. She has a very contagious way of laughing, especially to the ears of parrots.

Going on a Ride

As usual, I was allowed to go to Sophia in the morning. When I sat on her pillow playing with her hair, Hilke came from the bedroom. She wore her slippers as usual, and as usual I was fascinated with them. After she had washed, Hilke descended the stairs as usual. But what I did then was not very usual! I flew on the trap landing and started going down to follow her! When Hilke was downstairs, she passed me and walked up the stairs again. Again I followed her and up I went! Hilke and Sophia were completely in stitches.

Panic Attack

I had a major panic attack! Jan and Sophia continued where they left off yesterday: they took me in the car again, closed the door (gently) and Jan started the car. Boy, was I scared. I tried to fly through the car window, to the back seat and on the front mirror. Finally, I crept under Sophia's arm and stayed there, panting. I hate the car. It messes up all my feathers.

In the Car

The weather is still unbelievably good. Jan and Sophia walked outside with me. I love that now, but when they came back they tried to take me in the car. I was scared, but as long as they leave the door of the car open I manage not to panic.

I Will When I Will

Ever since the family started to encourage my talking, they hope I will start to talk one day. Coming Saturday I will be ten months old: a good time to start..... Unfortunately for them however, I have my own time table. I will decide whether I will ever speak or not.

Welcome Back!

And I didn't forget my family... I am happy they are back again.


Hilke and Sophia left today for a short holiday in Budapest. They will go for five days and Jan will take care of me. This time Sophia is not worried that I will forget her; now she knows I won't.


I have a funny relationship with Hilke. Although she is the least affectionate family member, some way or another she fascinates me. Sometimes, I follow her like a little dog, playing with her toes. Although normally I don't approach her, when she is eating or when she is wearing her blouse with the nice expensive buttons, I fly on her arm or shoulder. She likes me, too. Two or three times a day she steals a kiss from me and I let her. Also, she plays with me and I love that, naturally.