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Musical Day

Today was kinda fun... the family had visitors and they all played different instruments: the ukulele, banjo, harmonica and they sang oldies together. Later, when one of the visitors got his accordion, I panicked for a second. It was so huge, shiny and especially loud that I didn't like it at first. However, when I saw (from under Sophia's sweater) that nobody seemed to get hurt by it, I started to like it. Although I have to admit that this particular evening I was one shy, quiet and silent bird, despite all the music that I normally sing along with so loudly.

Beyond the First Word

You'd think my family would be grateful that finally, at last, I know one word. But no, they want me to learn another word now! How stupid can you get! Jan and Sophia tell me "Dandy is lief" (Dandy is sweet) several times a day, but I am not crazy. I will talk when I want it, say what I want and do it the way I want it. Catch me doing it! Hoi, ha, ha, ha!


A few weeks ago, Sophia ordered a bird's harness by mail and it arrived today! I liked it: it was fun to try to demolish all the buckles and gnaw the strings into pieces (not that I succeeded!). However, when Sophia tried to adjust it around my body, I protested with all my might. Sophia didn't press on: it is far too cold to go outside and I wouldn't realize that it is meant to be fun. Ah, well, I am still young. My family members know that I will get used to it when the time is right.

Baby Danger

Sophia bought me a present today: a baby's puzzle. Suddenly I thought this had to be the greatest danger on earth, so I flew on the highest place in the room (my cage) and remained there for hours. Sometimes my family think I am crazy.

Hoi Again

I love my new word. Especially when everybody is downstairs: I only have to shout hoi! and I get a hoi back. Nice! I try to play with the word, like using Sophia's way of saying it: hoi-oiii! Or Hilke's short hoi. I haven even tried Jan's. Would you like to hear it?

Hi Jan & Hilke!

Jan and Hilke came back in the middle of the night. Although I was fast asleep, when Jan greeted me softly, I was very happy. I even came across the perch to give him a big kiss.

Contact Calls

Hoi, hoi, hoi. I noticed that I can use it as a contact call: every time when Sophia leaves the room, I say it. It is guaranteed to get a hoi back. Every time again!

Bye Jan & Hilke

Jan and Hilke left yesterday to go on a short holiday. Normally I would have missed them tremendously, but Sophia stayed home from work because she's got the flue. At the moment I am the most spoiled bird in the whole world. All day long Sophia was lying on the couch in my room, watching the television and reading.

Visitors Are Fun

Visitors are fun. They talk and whistle to me, scratch me on the head and sit very still when I fly on their heads or shoulders (unlike the family: they either remove me at once or move about as if I wasn't even there). Some visitors even try to sneak me a piece of biscuit or cake; something I never, ever get from Jan, Hilke or Sophia! When there are visitors, I am usually on my best behavior. I love to pretend that I am shy, well-trained and quiet. Naturally all my family members support me and pretend that I am always this polite. By the way: the visitors distinctly heard (and understood) my hoi! It is not wishful thinking on account of my family!

Hoi! Hoi! Hoihoihoi!

Hoi! My family is in seventh heaven! They are floating on the air! They are delighted - exhilarated - radiant! Of course I noticed their attention, so I think this is one word I will use more often in the future. Hoi!

My First Word!!!

Yes, yes, yes, yes!!!!!!!!! Yippee!!!!! I said my first word!!!!!! It is very, very clear. The word is hoi (this is Dutch; meaning "hi"). Small wonder it is my first word: all my family members always use it to greet me and each other.


Autumn has started! The wind is howling around the house, the leaves fall off the trees (as well as the branches, due to the storm). I couldn't care less: I am sitting here in Sophia's room warm and snugly and I don't even think about all the poor birds outside, getting all cold and wet.