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Five to Twelve

D-day is here! A few more hours before the artillery will blaze away. The family feels a lot of sympathy for all the animals and pets all over the world. Fortunately, we all have had the opportunity to get used to it gradually, at least here in the Netherlands. People can't wait to fire away!

Millennium Musings

People speculate a lot about the future. Will there be a millennium bug that changes everything? Will there be a disaster? Every place you go, Jan, Hilke and Sophia hear the same questions over and over again. As for me and all other animals, we couldn't care less. We are way above that sort of thing.

Fire Proof

It is getting close to the end of the year and it seems that the children in our neighborhood can't wait to try out all their firework already. Jan and Sophia worry a lot about the coming days, but so far I have been very quiet during the loudest bangs. We'll wait and see.

Shower Phobias

I still don't like taking a shower. Jan and Sophia make me go through it every three or four days, but I don't think I will ever like it. Why, o why do they have to make me suffer so often? Could it be for my benefit? I hardly think so...

Family Car

It is a fact: I recognize the family car. Hilke has checked and rechecked how I reacted when the car approached and her research has ended today. So: Officially I announce that every time one of the family comes home, I whistle the wolf whistle in recognition.

Silence is Golden

One year old and still not a word from me (except the "Hoi" that I learned to say in October). Since the day I came to live with the family, they call me by name several times a day: "Dandy! DANDY! Hello, Dandy!!!" Do you think I have even TRIED to say my name? No sirree, not me!