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Chocolate Galore

It has been a long time since I recorded an accident, because I am not such a clumsy toddler anymore. Earlier this evening the family drank coffee together. Normally I am not invited, but I had been home alone for a long time so today they made an exception. You might guess what happened... Sophia's hot chocolate was on the table and so was her biscuit. I wanted to know more about the latter, flew on the table and hit the cup with the tip of my wing! Down went the cup and out went the hot chocolate, all over the table which was covered with Hilke's magazines and letters, the manual of Jan's new telescope and an expensive book of his. Hilke was furious, Jan was furious and even Sophia was furious for losing her hot chocolate (she can be a bit childish at times). The only person who couldn't care less was the culprit himself, because the family knows better than to work off their bad temper on me.

Naughty! Stout!

Finally, finally my family is starting to believe that I will learn to talk. I am learning a new word: "Stout!" (Dutch for "naughty"). Every time that I drop a toy on purpose, my family tells me I am "Stout!", just for the fun of it. I love that sound, so I have been practicing for days now. It still sounds like "How!", but everyone knows what I mean! Why don't you listen to it yourself?

Who's the Boss

I have observed this before, but it is amazing how I behave differently with all my family members. For instance, when Jan puts me back in my cage, I jump on his arm again and cunningly find my way out of the cage and on his shoulder. When he tries to get me on his hand again to put me back. Haha! I know this very spot, just between the shoulder blades, where he can never reach me. With Sophia it is entirely different. When she puts me back in my cage, I wouldn't even dream of protesting. She doesn't even have to close the door in a hurry. Jan is as jealous as you can be, but Sophia keeps laughing and keeps a secret how she does it!

Sing Along Songs

Sophia was listening to one of her favorite songs when I decided it was my favorite song too. Listen to how I sing to the swinging Beatles. Don't you agree my voice is much, much better? Sophia almost half thinks so, but not almost entirely...

Miracles Do Happen

Just when you think miracles don't happen... they start right away! Somehow, the family thinks that regular showers are necessary for me, but up to now I hated them; I did everything to get away from them. But today, as an exception, I couldn't get enough of it. I spread my wings (which I usually don't do during a shower) and even jumped in the sink. Jan put on the tap to let the water drip and I took a long, long shower. Honestly, I don't really know what was wettest: me, Jan, Sophia or the rest of the kitchen.

Hide & Seek

It is still holiday time, so Jan brought me to Sophia to wake her up. Normally I am only allowed to do this in the weekends, but this time Jan made an exception. I was so happy! I gave Sophia a million kisses and when Jan came in the room to see how we were doing, I crawled under the blankets as far as I could for fear he would take me back to my cage. Jan couldn't stop laughing. Normally he can't get away from me no matter how hard he tries!

No Teeth? Pah!

Today, once again, I showed my teeth; this time to no other than Sophia! When she took me out of my cage, suddenly I realized that I was in a room with foreign furniture, so I wanted to fly away! She thought if she would just hold me, I would become quiet again as had often happened before. Not this time however. I struggled and when she still didn't let go I BIT her in her finger! Fortunately, Sophia understands the nature of parrots very well, so she didn't try to punish me. Let this be a warning for all parrot owners: we are not as civilized as we like to pretend!!!

...Something New

Sophia's new furniture arrived this morning. Bah! This meant that I was very, very quiet and shy all day. The family knows by now that this is just temporarily, but so far I don't enjoy it as much as they do. When they brought the couch and chair in the room, I sat on my perch and looked down disapprovingly. Needless to say that no one paid any attention to my opinion...

My Hilke

It is very strange, but although Jan and Sophia pay most attention to me, I have chosen Hilke as my favorite character. Take this morning: Sophia took me downstairs as usual, Jan had a nice treat ready to give to me. And guess what? As soon as I discovered Hilke, I flew on the floor and followed her as if I was a little dog! Needless to say that Jan and Sophia were absolutely jealous...

Nothing New Please

Sophia has a two weeks off her job. I know I am going to be spoiled the coming days! However, the day didn't start so good because she has decided to buy a new couch and a new office chair. Puh-lease! Don't you know how I hate new things?!

A New Millennium!

It's all over!!! The world survived the millennium bug, the coming month the environment will work hard to get rid of all the pollution caused by the fireworks and life will continue as before for most people. As for me, I am proud to announce that I have survived last night gloriously. In our street, the bangs were so loud that you couldn't understand each other even when shouting. The family had switched on the TV as loud as possible so that I wouldn't be scared too much, but guess what?! I never blinked one eye!!! I sat quietly on my perch and let it all come over me. Jan was so proud of me that he announced he would kiss me in the morning. Today is not only the start of a new millennium. It also happens to be a very special anniversary for all of us. Exactly one year ago, on 1 January 1999, I came to live with the family. Which means that I am one year and five weeks old today!