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I am the smartest bird in the universe!!! (I am known to be exaggerating at times, sorry.) This evening I perched in my cage and Sophia was sitting next to me, when I gave her my attention call ("hoi" in Jan's voice). Since I use it for almost everything, normally Sophia uses all her "telepathic" abilities to guess what I mean. Normally, she is right. This time, she was certain that I wanted to be taken out of my cage and she agreed that it was about time. However, I refused to come out, but nibbled on her finger (gently) and ran to my seed bowl and pretended to be eating. I was hungry and I knew how to show it! Sophia couldn't obey my order any quicker than she did. Now, I have finished my last bite and now I am ready to be taken out. Stop typing, Sophia! Come and take me out of here! "Hoi!"

Spring in Winter

Although it is only February, today the weather was exceptionally soft for the time of the year. So Sophia decided to take me outside again, for the first time since several months. What an experience! I saw cars, birds, people on bicycles... I really have to get used to that again! Besides, I honestly don't why it is necessary to put that horrid chain around my claw, Sophia!


Today the weather is delightful. Everyone in the family has spring in their heads, but it is way too cold to take me outside still. They are a bit nervous about it already, because I have been inside the house for over half a year. Will I still remember how it was there? Besides, I have never tried on my new harness. They wonder if I will accept it. Worries, worries! People, just enjoy the weather and stop thinking about me! You know how balanced I am... but probably that's just the thing that worries them.

Disney Opera

When I become a grown up, I will be an opera singer. I am a natural talent; judge for yourself how skillful I trill along with the seven Dwarfs. Better than Snow White herself, don't you agree?


My family noticed something: they love me so much that I am getting to be a bit too spoiled. In the beginning I never asked to be taken out of my aviary (being two cubical meters in size), but now I fold myself into a little package in one corner of the cage to be taken out, every time I see a family member. Although I know how much their hearts must bleed, they ignore me during those times. They keep their regular schedule, which means I am allowed to be out of my cage three or four times a day, almost an hour each time. Deep in my heart I realize it is more than enough, but as I approach my adolescence, I try to push them as far as I can.

Pet of the Day

I am so proud, I am Pet of the Day!


The housing company decided that all their houses should be made burglar proof. The family quite liked that, because they say they have something precious in their house (I am modest enough not to know what that could be). So this morning, very early, the front door bell rang... some five minutes later... CRASH! DRILL! BANG BANG BANG! The whole house was shaking! Naturally I am used to Jan doing odd jobs around the house, but this was something entirely different. I am not easily scared (just read what happened during the Millennium night), but this time I didn't like it too much. I climbed and climbed and climbed all over my cage and showed my nervousness in every way I could. In the end the family became a bit nervous themselves, but finally, the workmen left and everything went back to normal. Except that Jan has to think of a place where to put an additional 18 keys and how to keep track which one belongs to which window or door.