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Sneeze! Cough! Lovely!

Jan and Hilke have no life of their own right now. Just when Sophia started to almost feel well enough to start working again, she got the flu on top of it. What a joy for me! Just imagine all the sounds: "Sneeze! Cough! Moan! Groan!" Besides, I have had around-the-clock company for almost a week now. Sophia didn't leave her room once.


Sophia said her head feels slightly better today. However, she is so stiff and sore, that you can hear all her muscles creak with every step. I love that sound even better than her groaning. I'll try to copy it: "Creak, crack!" Ah, there she said yesterday's favorite word: "Groan! Stop it, Dandy!"


Tonight, Sophia came home after horse riding with a slight concussion in the head. The horse was startled, had jumped away and off she went. I feel pity for her, but not enough to keep quiet. Normally, she doesn't mind my singing one bit, but now she keeps moaning and saying how noisy I am. Can't help it Sophia, I'm just happy that you are here, in this room, lying on the couch and making all those dreadful noises. Keep doing it!

Kingdom Melodies

I am learning a new song: one of the Kingdom songs of the family. Listen and behold what a great whistler I am becoming! You can hear that I don't mind one bit what song is playing in the meantime: I sing my own tune, in my own key, with my own voice, not matter what the radio does.

Good Bird!

The family had visitors again, nice! Naturally I did my shy act again, so although everybody begged me to sing or whistle, I was as quiet as a mouse. However, I clearly enjoyed myself and loved to be passed from hand to hand. One of the ladies wanted to kiss me, and she kept asking if I would bite her lip. My family explained that although they kiss me the whole day through, I am an undomesticated animal by nature and thus somewhat unpredictable. She kissed me anyway and of course I let her. I am not all that bad!

Ten Toy Commandments

Sophia put a new toy in my cage. Do you know the Ten New Toy Commandments? Thou shalt fly around the room as if thou art about to be slaughtered.Thou shalt stay away from it as far as possible.Thou shalt be suspicious of it for several days.Thou shalt keep an eye on it at all times.Thou shalt pussyfoot around it several times.Thou shalt realize it is not going to attack.Thou shalt not be afraid anymore.Thou shalt approach it carefully.Thou shalt love to play with it.Thou shalt not rest before it is ripped to pieces.

No Reason

I am getting to be such a mature, balanced parrot and yet, sometimes, I act like I am crazy. Take last night: I went to bed as usual, my family switched off the light in my room and they all got ready for bed as well. Suddenly and unexpectedly, I got a major panic attack! I flew wildly through my cage, hurt myself and scared the whole family. They switched on the light, comforted me and waited till I was quiet again (this took a long, long time) and went to bed again. They don't know what had happened to me, but I am not sure if I know it myself. This morning, I was well again. Sorry people, I take sides with Mary Poppins: I never explain anything.