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The Great Outdoors

Jan and Sophia took me outside again. I really liked it this time. Jan tried to put on my new harness, but when I panicked, he stopped trying to put it on. Ah well, the chain around my leg isn't as bad as I always thought. I know now I can't fly with it and that's about all the limitation it gives. Somehow however, I am afraid I haven't seen the last of this harness either. My family can be so persistent at times!


Last night, Sophia couldn't sleep a wink... she was jumpy all afternoon... Jan and Hilke were high in the sky... she got a phone call that she was selected for the job!!!!! Congratulations, dear Sophia. As for me, I showed my gratitude during her telephone conversation by whistling and shouting. Her colleague-to-be asked if this was the famous parrot that he heard over the phone line? It was, and proud Sophia was of it too.


The day of Sophia's practical test for the job at the housing association... Has she been bragging? Did she lie during the interview and will she be exposed as being a braggart? Don't worry Sophia, remember that you were selected because you showed off with my site? Besides, you have a nice job already. If you were to be selected, remember what you will leave behind: nice colleagues, a pleasant job and a lot of security being a civil servant.


Today, it was my turn to be nervous. Already, I noticed the days getting longer and the sun getting sunnier and today Jan decided is was time to take me outside again. Outside! Where the trees waver over your head, the wind attacks you from unpredictable angles and the birds are so noisy. What makes things worse, is that dreadful chain around your leg. However, I liked being outside. I wasn't half as nervous as my family expected. Soon, Jan and Sophia will try on my new harness.

Second Interview

Sophia has been selected for a second interview!!! Next Tuesday, she has to put into practice what she knows by creating a site about an as yet unknown subject. She is very, very nervous... and so are Jan and Hilke. Me, I feel the same as always. Happy and careless.

A New Job?

You never guess what has happened: I, Dandy, have provided a job interview for Sophia! The Housing Association had a vacancy for a Webmaster to make a complete site about them. Although Sophia has had no specific education in this branch, she decided to apply for the job anyway. She referred to MY very site to show what she is able to do, and guess what? She was invited for an interview!

Something In the Air

As springtime is getting nearer, the family is getting more and more restless. Today it was lovely and sunny outside, so they were leaping and singing all day. I love all this hustle and bustle around me.

All Good Things...

All good things must come to an end. My wonderful life of the past two weeks is over, sigh. Almost three weeks after she fell off the horse, Sophia started work again this morning. All her colleagues asked how the horse was. Sophia said it is doing just fine. Nobody asked how she felt. I don't know why she came home so moody.

Getting Better

It is obvious that Sophia has reached the best stage of being ill. Still too weak to start working again, but not too ill to watch television, read a book, listen to music and talk to me. I am getting to be the most spoiled, attention-submerged bird in the whole world. But still I manage to stay very modest, social and far from spoilt, but that's just me. I am such a great guy!