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Bye Town Hall!

Sophia's last day at her former job... today she said goodbye to all her colleages. She has had a wonderful six years with them and with the work she did, but it is time to move on... First, she'll be free for two weeks. Not that she will spend all her time with me, no sirree, Hilke and Sophia will go on holiday to Turkey! Jan, we'll have a wonderful time together, don't you think so?

Enschede Disaster

All over the world it has been a headline news topic: there has been a huge disaster in Enschede, the Netherlands. A fireworks factory has exploded in a residential area; many persons were killed and maimed. Since Jan, Hilke and Sophia have a lot of friends in Enschede, they are deeply affected by what has happened there. There are no words to describe how terrible they feel about it; the people who were affected, receive their deepest, sincerest sympathy. Also, having a job at the fire brigade herself, Sophia shares the feelings of the four firemen, who lost their life trying to prevent the disaster.

Toothbrush Time

Sophia and I have grown into a new habit. Every time when she brushes her teeth and I happen to be out of my cage, I fly on her shoulder and we sing a duet together. She sings beautiful trills when the toothbrush moves against her lips. At least, they sound nice to me - everybody else thinks she has gone mad. Ah well, you can't please all.


I have started molting! Up to now I still had my first baby feathers, but now the bright colors start coming. Every time somebody scratches my head, tiny feathers fall off my head. I can already feel the pins of the new-growing feathers, what a marvelous design, eh?


Jan noticed that I have a funny relationship with water. Although frequently I try to step in my water bowl and take a bath (unfortunately only one of my claws fits in it), as soon as taps, water basins and spray bottles come near me, I am at the other end of the room and stay there. Still, Jan insists on my biweekly showers. He has no mercy whatsoever.