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Together Again

The convention has finally come to an end. Of course they have enjoyed the program, but they really hate to leave me for such a long time every day! I have to admit though: the very second that they are back every night, they overload me with attention again. Besides, I have heard stories of birds who lead such a life every day... and even they can be reasonably happy when treated well!


The family have left early this morning for their yearly convention of Jehovah's Witnesses. They came back at seven o'clock in the evening. And they have to go for two more days! But it seems to be necessary, so I'll just sit on my perch and wait... wait... wait...

Hilke Is Special

Every time my family members are astonished to see what a relationship I have with Hilke in comparison with Jan and Sophia. Jan and Sophia are my buddies, my parents, my supervisors etceteras. I simply take them for granted. But Hilke, she is... she is special! She is so interesting, that every she comes around, I leave whatever I am doing and go to her. I imitate her movements, try to imitate her voice (don't be alarmed, I don't talk - just her Oooooh!) and I follow her like a dog. When she is around, I descend the stairs to follow her down, I climb them to follow her up. When the family watches television together, guess on who's lap I am sitting? However, when Hilke approaches my cage, I put up my feathers a bit and when she sticks out her finger, I become a tiny bit aggressive. Hilke loves me too, but only at a distance. She would never cuddle me like Jan and especially Sophia. We can't live with each other, but we certainly can't live without each other...


When I was a fluffy little baby, I did everything to please my human parents. Now, I am becoming more and more self-willed. Fortunately for me, my family has realized from the beginning what kind of discipline I needed in all stages of my life. I know perfectly well what "No!" means, but also I know perfectly well that being deaf has its advantages... but somehow, my family always manages to do things their way, even if it is by only removing the forbidden object!


The last couple of weeks, Jan has been busy practicing Vivaldi on his harmonica. Perhaps I don't talk, but this sound is irresistible! I will be the first classical swinging parrot in the world. Listen to me practicing scales, don't they sound professional?

Not a Talker

I am more than one and a half years old now and the family is convinced now that I will never really talk. Of course I possess a lot of sounds, but talking, no (except Hoi, meaning Hi). But don't think they love me less for it! I am still the most spoiled parrot in the whole world, as you might have guessed from this diary.