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Hilke Is Special

Every time my family members are astonished to see what a relationship I have with Hilke in comparison with Jan and Sophia. Jan and Sophia are my buddies, my parents, my supervisors etceteras. I simply take them for granted. But Hilke, she is... she is special! She is so interesting, that every she comes around, I leave whatever I am doing and go to her. I imitate her movements, try to imitate her voice (don't be alarmed, I don't talk - just her Oooooh!) and I follow her like a dog. When she is around, I descend the stairs to follow her down, I climb them to follow her up. When the family watches television together, guess on who's lap I am sitting? However, when Hilke approaches my cage, I put up my feathers a bit and when she sticks out her finger, I become a tiny bit aggressive. Hilke loves me too, but only at a distance. She would never cuddle me like Jan and especially Sophia. We can't live with each other, but we certainly can't live without each other...

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His New Life

They say that you get used to everything. This is true, but still we miss our Dandy. We phone to the refugee center regularly to ask about our Dandy, and the answers are always the same: Dandy is still in quarantine but fine, he has adjusted well, he has stopped picking his feathers, he is between other Greys, although still in the same cage on his own. We are not allowed to visit him yet, but we will, as soon as his quarantine period is over!


A lot has changed in my life... I got married and moved to Canada. Of course I am very happy with my new life, but I will miss visiting Dandy! However, I am glad to know that he is VERY happy... he has a large aviary to play in and certainly doesn't miss his old life. We got a lot of flack from some people, who thought we abandoned Dandy, didn't love him, didn't even try... all I can say is that we always did the best we could, and that we always had Dandy's very best interest at heart. We thought it would be very selfish of us to keep Dandy in an environment where he was very unhappy, just to satisfy our needs. Perhaps we could have done some things differently, we did not have the knowledge I acquired later. Dandy, my sweets, I still miss you!


I have caught a terrible cold. All day long, I am sneezing and coughing. Haaaaa-CHEEEEEEE! Cough! Rattle! Don't you feel pity for me? Well, don't worry, I'll tell you a secret. I haven't really caught a cold, but it is just a sound I can't resist. This is Hilke's way of sneezing... and I just copied it! Do you hear me calling her name?