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This afternoon, I saw a bird of prey very, very high in the sky. Although I have never seen one before, my instinct told me this means serious danger. Fortunately, it was too high in the sky to start panicking, but I kept an eye on it all the same. By the way, my tail has become beautifully red, as you can see in some of the pictures. And I am the proud owner of two full-feathered wings! Jealous, all you clipped birds around the world?


The whole day it has been much too warm even to move. Finally, after eight o'clock in the evening, the temperature was pleasant enough to be able to sit in the garden. I was there too. It was my first time to see it gradually become darker and darker. It was a peaceful experience. I love it very, very much. Actually, never before have I felt this comfortable outside. I even preened my feathers and cuddled with Sophia, something I hardly ever do when I am in the garden.

Lots to See

Today, the weather was good enough to be outside again. Jan, Hilke and Sophia were in the garden enjoying the sunshine, and here I am sitting on the perch that Jan has created for me. I love it in the garden. In the beginning I hated the chain around my leg, but it seems to be necessary outside. My family has decided (and I must add: against all advice!) not to clip my feathers. I am the proud owner of two perfectly functional wings, but that means that I can't be outside without being restrained. Now, I am completely used to this thing around my leg. I have so much distraction, that half of the time I don't even remember it is there. Outside, everything is green, the leaves move softly in the breeze, I hear the sound of water, see birds taking a bath in our pond and I listen to the soft voices of my family. I wish life could always be as peaceful as that.

Quiet Again

Everything is quiet again around the house. The neighbors have stopped their drilling and hammering, so very, very slowly I regained my confidence. This must not happen to often, or I'll end up with a nervous breakdown!

Nervous Wreck

In the morning, the drilling and pounding continued. In the end, I was such a nervous wreck, that every little sound made me panic. I didn't want to eat or drink; I just sat there shaking. Jan went to the neighbors and asked politely, if next time that they had to do some maintenance again, they would kindly warn us beforehand. Of course, they don't have hearts of stone, so when the husband wanted to continue his drilling later that night (really, their wall must resemble a Swiss cheese by now), obediently he warned us first. Sophia quickly took me out of my cage, put the chain around my claw and took me outside. Although I was still a bit upset about being disturbed so rudely, I wasn't nearly as panicky as yesterday.

Hate Drills!

This afternoon, I had the fright of my life. It was one of those afternoons that the whole world seems asleep: it was quiet and peaceful. I was dozing in my cage and Jan was quietly reading next to me, when suddenly hell broke loose. Our neighbors had chosen that exact moment to drill some holes in the concrete wall that separates their living room from ours. You must know that in our neighborhood you can hear the neighbors sneeze, so you might guess what a noise there was all of a sudden. I fell off my perch, hit the floor and wildly flew through my cage. Jan's heart almost stopped too, partly because of the sudden noise and partly because of my reaction. When the neighbor stopped drilling, he used a hammer. Bang! Bang! Bang! If there is one sound that I hate more than drilling, it is hammering. It didn't stop. I think that our neighbors wanted to recreate the Eiffel tower in their living room, because it went on and on and on like that. I can tell you, that the rest of the d…