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Face Bite

This morning it has become clear again that I may be smart and loving to my family, but that I am not a human being. I was in the kitchen with Jan, and as usual after a while he wanted to take my back to my room again. He approached me... I don't know what got into me... but I bit him in the face. No, no, no, no, don't think that I was afraid, or mad, or whatever, it is just that I am an animal with jungle instincts. I don't know what got into me anyway, but those things occasionally happen to parrots. I am happy to say that my family members understand the nature of parrots completely. Instead of punishing me, Jan quietly took my back to my cage and acted like everything was just normal. But long after I had forgotten what I had done, Jan's lip was still bleeding... as a reminder that a domesticated parrot does not mean that you live with a 100% safe creature...

Two Years Old!

Today I am two years old! The family has read that a parrot needs to be talking before his second birthday or they will never speak, so just in the nick of time I am learning my first words...


Whatever the family do, I do. Especially if one of them is eating: there is no way they can get around me! Excuse me, I have to go now: Sophia is peeling an orange... I will be busy the coming 10 minutes!


I am practicing "Sophia" all day long now. This is one of my practicing sessions with Sophia herself as a teacher. That's me saying "So" and her saying "Sophia". And you can hear how I imitate Hilke's laughing. Enjoy!