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The last day of the year; that means fireworks the whole day through! I am glad that I am safe and warm inside. Every fifteen minutes or so I fly startled around my cage; I just can't get used to all the sudden flashes and bangs. I don't have the ability to think about all the poor animals out there, but my family do all the more so! They won't let off fireworks themselves. The environment will polluted enough already...


This morning, when Jan opened the curtains and I opened my eyes, the whole world had suddenly turned white! I couldn't believe my eyes. In fact, for a moment I even panicked. I have never, ever seen snow in my life and here it was... but after half an hour I got used to it and I enjoyed the view of children sliding and throwing snowballs at each other. Boy, am I glad to be inside!

Coffee! Atchee! Jan!

Proudly once more I would like to present a sample of my vocal abilities. "Coffee! Jan! Whistle... Sophia!" and a BIG sneeze, Hilke's style... Am I not versatile in my vocalizations?

Sophia! Sophia! So...

"Sophia!" "Yes, dear?" "Sophia!" "Yes..." "Soophia!" "Yes!" "Sophiaaaa!" "Yes dear?" This is just a sample, but imagine that we hear it all day long. But don't think Sophia gets tired of hearing her name! Although the rest of the family would like to teach me something new now...

Morning Cuddles

This morning, Sophia had a day off work. How nice to be able to wake her up again instead of she waking me up! Jan brought me to her bed and there I sat, on the pillow. After a while, for old time's sake, I crawled under the blankets and had Sophia cuddle me from top to toe. Ah, life as a parrot can be so rewarding...

I Can Say It

Yes! I have been practicing every day, and I can say it: Sophia! Here you can hear me say it, several times. That's Sophia herself responding to me. Don't I have a great voice?