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Phone Embarrassment

Sometimes, I can bring the family into embarrassing situations. The reason is, that I don't know when to keep quiet. My favorite way to be a nuisance is by giving a tremendously loud roar of laughter when Sophia is on the phone. Several times already she has had to explain to an angry listener that he or she is not being laughed at. At times they don't even believe it when she explains that it is "just" the family parrot that they hear; I sound much too real to them. Ah well, you can't please everybody.

Hilke Again

Hilke intrigues me. Whenever she is around, I am in silent awe and listen to all her sounds to practice them in my own time. I am learning to copy her voice, her sneezes, her laugh and her coughs. Nobody in the family can understand why she is my big example; after all, Jan and Sophia are the ones who take care of me most of the time.


Last night, somehow, I didn't want to go to sleep. As usual, Sophia told me goodnight and switched off the lights. But, I refused to quiet down and when Sophia had switched off the light in her room, she could hear me climb and climb and climb. So, in the dark, she went to my cage, told me "goodnight" again and talked soothingly. Normally, she scratches my head when she tells me goodnight. And, even while I was blind as a bat, I went to the spot where her finger usually is and bowed my head. She scratched it for a few minutes and then I went back to my sleeping perch and she went back to bed. Soon, everything was peaceful and quiet around the house. It is so nice to know each other so well.


Reasons enough for joy: the night of the flashes, crashes and bangs has ended and a new day, new year and according to some new millennium has started. But there is more reason for joy: today is my second anniversary with the Van der Nent family!