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What's Up?

Things are moving fast now... I have been a slow learner, but lately I have really started to talk. In a few days, I have added another sentence to my vocabulary: "Wat is er?" (What's up?). Listen and be impressed!

Hate Showers!

Have I mentioned lately what has become of my showering ritual? This morning, Jan and Sophia decided to give me my biweekly shower. Although I have never really enjoyed it, ever since Jan has bought a new spray bottle, I have started behaving like I am being slaughtered. This morning, it was even worse. I screamed and bit Sophia in her finger. She didn't budge an inch (although her finger almost lost an inch) and not until after the shower she noticed her dripping finger - and let me tell you it didn't drip with water! However, somehow (and I know I have said it before), I don't think I have heard the last of it. Those dreadful showers just seem to be necessary...

Laurel & Hardy

Although Sophia keeps talking about my talking abilities, I haven't neglected my whistling. One of my favorite songs is the Laurel and Hardy theme. Here's my version, enjoy!


I have learned a new word! This time, the family has not put in any effort to teach it to me, I just learned it myself. The word is "Kusje" (kiss). I use it all the time: kusje! To make perfectly clear what I mean, I make some kissing sounds to go with it. I'll be a real talker soon. Although the family didn't adopt me for my vocal abilities, it does make them happy to know that finally I can talk and am learning new things all the time. Don't worry folks, I won't stop learning!