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Feather Snapping

Lately, I have been falling into a nasty habit: I have started to mutilate my feathers on my chest and neck. Fortunately, I don't remove them, but I snap little pieces off, so that they start to look fringed on the edges. I am a very happy little creature and I have enough hobbies and toys to keep myself busy, but still I find the time to bite my feathers. The family has decided not to give it too much attention; they hope it will disappear again in time. They know I am healthy, happy and content. I get the right food and a great variety of veggies, am showered with attention and have a large cage, so that can't be it. They think the reason might be that I was taken away from my natural parents so young that I never got the change to learn what proper grooming means.


In top secrecy, Hilke has been teaching me a new word. So today, when the family were eating together, Sophia said (as she has been for the past few days) that she thought I was saying something like "Menaaa". Hilke smiled and told her that for a few weeks now, the has been teaching me to say "Lemonade". It is not so clear yet, but I will improve, promised!