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Please Enter

After two days, I trust my new cage enough to sit on Sophia's shoulder and peek shyly from behind her back. Hilke and Sophia try to show me how much fun they have playing with the toys that are hanging inside, but I will still have to come a long way before I am ready to enter it myself!

Lady's Fight

For the past few days, Sophia noticed that Hilke doesn't respond anymore when I call "Hilke!". Today, she mentioned that to Hilke. Do you know what Hilke replied? That she won't teach me another word, ever again! She said that if what she teaches isn't good enough, she won't mingle with me at all anymore. Sophia replied that that would be a bit drastic and took back some of her words that she said earlier this week. Both mother and daughter settled their differences; Hilke promised to talk to me again (after all, I am entire innocent here) and Sophia promised not to question the things that Hilke wants to teach me. Ah, those are the blessings of having two self-willed, headstrong ladies in one house... occasionally microwars are bound to happen!

Summer Cottage

I am the most spoiled bird in the entire world! In Sophia's living room, I have a large aviary. Today, I am the proud owner of a holiday cottage, downstairs in the family's living room! It is a large cage, so that I will be able to spend more time with Jan and Hilke when Sophia is at work. But... don't think I went right in it - parrots need more time to get used to new things. For now, the family has to be satisfied that I didn't panic when I saw this large new scary thing.


For the first time in my life, Hilke and Sophia have had an argument - about me! I will tell you how that happened: for a few weeks now, Sophia has anticipated that Hilke has been teaching me a new word in top secrecy. Actually, that is precisely what she did. So why did they have an argument? Today, I proudly said my new word: "International". International! Sophia was furious! She figured that is the most ridiculous word ever to have been taught to a parrot. Hilke reasoned that is would be nice to teach me tong twisters, but Sophia thought this is a complete waste of my energy and that I should learn something useful, like "Hello" and "How are you?". As for me, the subject of the controversy, I don't have any opinions as to what is stupid and what is not. All day long, I practice my latest ability: "International!"

Turkey Again

This morning, just before noon, Sophia came back from Turkey (yes, again Turkey - see previous entries!). The ladies have been traveling all night, so she felt tired and dirty. But when we saw each other again, all discomforts were forgotten. I was so exited to see her back again, that I am afraid I made a complete fool out of myself. I yelled like a madman, jumped up and down and fluffed my feathers. Good to have you back Sophia! Now get some sleep, as long as you do it on the couch right here in my room... don't you dare to leave me and go to bed!!!