For the first time in my life, Hilke and Sophia have had an argument - about me! I will tell you how that happened: for a few weeks now, Sophia has anticipated that Hilke has been teaching me a new word in top secrecy. Actually, that is precisely what she did. So why did they have an argument? Today, I proudly said my new word: "International". International! Sophia was furious! She figured that is the most ridiculous word ever to have been taught to a parrot. Hilke reasoned that is would be nice to teach me tong twisters, but Sophia thought this is a complete waste of my energy and that I should learn something useful, like "Hello" and "How are you?". As for me, the subject of the controversy, I don't have any opinions as to what is stupid and what is not. All day long, I practice my latest ability: "International!"