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Talking to the Birds

Summer continues in the Netherlands, everybody is happy about it except the farmers and our neighbors (fortunately they are on holiday). I have been enjoying the fresh air AND I have got a feathered friend! For the past few days, Jan has been mothering a stray, hungry pigeon. At first he thought I would be jealous if he would be feeding the bird, but actually I like the company. I keep telling the pigeon "Come on!" "Do you love me?" and "Haaatcheeeee!" but it doesn't talk back...

Safely Outside

The third day outside... and I love it!!! No more shackled and chained, but free - and safely surrounded by bars! For the first time in my life, ever, I have been singing and shouting on the top of my voice. Previously, I used to be a very quiet and shy bird outside. Everybody is happy that they made the right decision in getting me a second cage.

Brute Force

A whole day off for Sophia, good for her (and me)! It has been almost a month now since the family has bought this beautiful cage for me, but still I won't go nearer to it than at least a yard. So, today Jan and Sophia took bold action. Jan put the cage outside and Sophia took me, and without any mercy she put me in it! Everybody braced themselves for a major panic attack, but do you know what happened? Nothing at all.... I just sat very quietly in a corner of my new recreation home and let it all sink in. After an hour, Jan and Hilke took the cage inside again and I was allowed out.

How Are You?

In their peace treaty, Hilke and Sophia have settled to teach me "How are you?" The whole family is in anticipation how soon I will learn it....