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Sophia was playing her music and singing loudly along with me, when suddenly she noticed that we were not the only source of all the noise. She quieted down, and there it was: laughter and loud whistling of the Laurel and Hardy theme. It came from outside, right in front of the house. She opened the window and saw a group of young children. They told her that they stand there frequently to interact with me, Dandy! I knew it of course, but I don't tell every detail of my life to my family. They might think I am spoiled.


I am a multitasking bird! I'll explain why. Hilke likes to snap her fingers when she is whistling to me, and lately I have got the rhythm of snapping my beak when I am whistling! I love being a professional beak drummer; I enjoy jam sessions with anybody and swing the days away.

Lemonade You?

The pigeon has left... as I have gotten used to it, I am sure I will miss it. I wanted to let it know how I have made process with "How are you?" I can't say it right yet; it comes out as "Lemonade you?" Still, I can't understand why everybody roars with laughter when I ask such a polite question. I would say it is rather rude, don't you agree?