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When Jan, Hilke and Sophia switched on the TV, instantly they were glued to the screen. This morning (afternoon for us here), four planes were hijacked and crashed into two buildings in the USA. Being an animal, I am not able to grasp such beastly and inhuman acts, but I sense the emotions in my family. What happened there today has shaken the whole world. My family's deepest thoughts are with the victims, in whatever form they may suffer.


I am the luckiest bird in the world: Sophia has the flu. Now don't call me mean; try to imagine how it is to have a sneezing, coughing, moaning and sighing human in your room all day long. Still don't get it? Apart from the company all day long, think of all the new sounds I can try to imitate! The best thing is: the more noise I make, the louder Sophia groans. Believe me, this is heaven for any parrot. Don't get well too soon, Sophia!

Ups & Downs

The ones that have followed my diary will know that life for (and with) a parrot is not always easy. For example, some months ago I started to panic and fly into the walls on every sound and I refused to go downstairs. During that time, I even started pulling my chest feathers! Fortunately, I have got over this extremely shy period and am back to my old cheerful self again. Only a big white patch on my chest reminds us all of my difficulties. So don't worry, it has passed and if it ever happens to me again, I am sure that the love and support of my family will pull me through it again...