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Fuu Duut Duut!

Finally, I can whistle it: the entire Andy Griffith theme! Unfortunately, Sophia cannot record it right now, but soon the world will be able to hear the tune - and you should hear my improvisations!

Not Fair!

I used to be a spoiled bird, one squeak out of me and my family ran for me. Today, that has changed a bit: I still get attention and toys, but on the very moment that I start asking for food, the family turns deaf and ignorant! They give me a toy instead, or a cuddle, but that's not what I mean... don't you understand folks? I want seeds! I finished the sunflower seeds and normally, that's the moment I get a new supply, but now I am stuck with all those tiny seeds that I have to work for. The world is as unfair a place as can be!

Change of Diet

Sophia and Hilke went to the pet shop to buy parrot food for me. The pet shop owner noticed that they had been there very often lately, so he asked them how much they feed me every day. They told him that they fill my food bowl some four times a day, as soon as I begin asking for it. The shop keeper was shocked! He said parrots have to finish all their food before they get a fresh supply! Hilke and Sophia were deeply shocked, so they told Jan as soon as they got home and they all made a solemn promise: from now on I only get seeds once a day, so that I take in all variety. Apparently, the little seeds are the most important and they were the ones the family always threw away...

Sleeping In

This morning, Sophia had a day off work. As usual, Jan and me went to her room around nine to can wake her up. We have done that as long as I am in this house and I still think it is a great morning ritual... although Sophia always moans that she would have liked to sleep a bit longer on her free days!