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Feather Picking

Like I promised, here is a reflection of my life with the Van der Nents. I have grown into a stage-just-before-maturity-but-not-quite-fully-mature. Sometimes I have all the wisdom in the world and the next moment I am a cuddly little baby again. Unfortunately, I have picked up one Nasty Habit: feather picking. Although my family have tried anything, I can't stop it. It is just like nailbiting: once you start, you can't stop anymore... but my family still loves me and they always will!

The Big Oh Three

This is a special moment. Earlier this year, Sophia has reached the Big Three Oh. Today, I have reached the Big Oh Three! I am growing up fast and will soon reach full maturity. Later this month, I will contemplate about my life so far but now I will go to sleep. Good night!

More Maturity

Lately, I have started sleeping with my head tucked under my wing. Before, I just slept. Almost three years old, and still getting more mature every day! Needless to say Sophia, the faithful narrator of my adventures is proud enough to mention even this seemingly insignificant change in me...