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This morning, Sophia phoned the Parrot Foundation. It seems that I am still a bit shy and cautious, but I have started to readjust already. I am quiet now and have been eating a little. After the quarantine period, I will move to the largest aviary in the world (see picture below). From then on, I will have so many new things to experience and friends to make, that I won't be able keep up my diary. I wish to thank all my real life friends and Internet fans for their love and support these three years. I am sure Sophia will continue to run this site and make people aware of what it means to live with a parrot, but this will be the last entry of my own diary as seen through the eyes of an African Grey Parrot. Thanks again, everyone! Come and visit me if you can, you are always welcome at the Foundation Dutch Parrot Refuge. I am sure you will like it here, whether you belong to the Psittaciformes or Homo Sapiens!

End of Dandy's Diary

Trying to Cope

The humans are still in a gloomy mood. Every moment of the day they picture me in all my favorite places and imagine they hear my voice. They keep wondering how I am doing and if I have started to make friends already. They feel as if they have given up their own child and wonder if I feel betrayed. Still, they know that they have made the right decision taking me there. They realize that I will like it better to be around my own kind. I will lead a busy life in a the largest aviary in the world, instead of pining away in a living room. Without me knowing it I was not happy, so my family knew they could not be so selfish as to keep me there solely for their own pleasure. Nevertheless, at this moment I miss you people so much! Don't leave me here, take me back home, please! Ah, there is an answer back, as if by telepathy: "We miss you too, Dandy! But we know we acted in your interest... soon you will be happier than you have ever been before!"


Today, I have lived through enough emotions to last me a life time. Boy, has my life changed! It started normal enough: Jan and me woke Sophia up around nine and we went downstairs. Then, before I even knew what was happening, I found myself in a traveling cage and in the car! When we got to the Parrot Foundation, Sophia put me in a nice clean cage. There were some more birds; my next door neighbor happened to be another Grey! Naturally, I was much too shy to make acquaintances with him or her at this stage, but soon enough I will. When the humans had signed the papers and said their good-byes, Jan and Sophia burst out in tears. They know that it is for my own best and that they will visit me soon, but still they couldn't control their emotions. They just love me so much, so very much...

Big Decision

The family has made their final decision: tomorrow will be the Big Day. Nobody in the family has had any sleep last night, because they kept worrying about me all night long. Although for the first time in days I seem to be a little bit happier again, three days from now it will be New Year's Eve, with all the fire crackers that go with it. That would be enough to bring a huge relapse again. All in all, the humans are happy that my last evening with them has been a pleasant one. For the first time in days, they have heard my lovely sweet voice go through my entire vocabulary. I have eaten my tummy thick and round at that is a good thing too, because tomorrow morning I have to be ready to move... into a whole new life!

My Happiness

Although the worst of the crisis seems to be over, Jan, Hilke and Sophia are still discussion the possibility of taking me to the Parrot Foundation. They read about how parrots are treated there and how they recover from much worse circumstances than can't even imagine in my worst nightmares. Sophia can't bear the thought of letting me go from her life, but she realizes that it will be for my own good. Perhaps it will be the best solution for my happiness and after all, that is what is at stake here.

Lost Confidence

My depression is growing as my feathers are declining. It seems that I have lost all my confidence in life. When my family members leave the room, I cry for them and immediately start chewing my feathers. Sophia has searched the Internet and found the site of the Foundation Dutch Parrot Refuge. There, parrots can live in huge aviaries with lots of other birds and be happy for the rest of their lives. Would that be an option for me, perhaps temporary to gain confidence again?

What To Do?

All throughout my diary, I have honestly reported everything that went on in my life. Today, I heard Jan and Sophia discuss something that they have been discussing for that past few days: whether it wouldn't be better for me to find me another home, so that I can start afresh with a whole new life in new surroundings. Sophia has been in tears all day long, because she is afraid that I will end up the way a lot of parrots end up: moving from home to home and being abandoned from all of them in the end. Besides, who can take better care of me than my own humans, who have lovingly provided for me since I was a helpless little chick? No, moving to another family is definitely not an option. But what is? Something must be done... before it is to late!

Not Good

Sophia has had a couple of days free from work, so she could observe me a bit better. It is impossible to cheer me up and what is worse, I have seriously started to chew off every the feather on my chest. A completely bald spot has appeared where once I had a thick layer of feathers! This situation must end and soon, or else the whole family will end up in nervous breakdowns.


Right now, I am going through a difficult period. The hammering and drilling seems to have robbed me of my joy in life. I have always been a rather nervous bird, but right now, every sound from outside the house sets me off with a panic attack. Jan, Hilke and Sophia feel so sorry for me, but there doesn't seem to be anything that can cheer me up. Sophia has tried to trick me into my favorite games (go-fetch-the-object-I-throw and hear-me-bang-the-bell), but I just sit there and watch with apathy. I don't know what is wrong with me, but it seems I am having the bird's equivalent of a major depression...

Even More Noise

How long does it take to install a new kitchen in a house? Again, for the third day in a row, there was noise from the neighbors. Naturally, the humans understand it is necessary at times to improve the house, but it is driving me towards a nervous breakdown. I have seriously started to pick on my feathers. My whole chest, neck and back are covered with feathers that are fringed on the edges. Although the neighbors finally finished their job around three in the afternoon, every tiny sound sets me off flying wildly around my cage. My humans treat me as normally as possible and don't pay attention to my panic attacks so as not to encourage this behavior. Life with a parrot is not just a bed of roses...

More Panic

Half past nine in the morning... everything very quiet... Suddenly... a DRILLING in the concrete wall - followed by HAMMERING - followed by more DRILLING!!! My day was ruined already and it did not stop at that. I haven't eaten a bite since yesterday and all I do is climbing around in my cage, climbing, climbing... I am making the whole family crazy but myself most of all. This noisemaking must end, and soon!

Big Fright!!

If you live in a house on a row, it is inevitable that you hear the neighbor with their occasional odd jobs. Today of all days, they decided it was time to install a whole new kitchen. Being a parrot (and a neurotic one at that), I hated the constant drilling in the concrete walls and especially the hammering drove me crazy. When Sophia came home from work, she met one poor little shy bird and a very upset Jan... But tonight everything was quiet again so gradually, I became more quiet again.

Learning Phrases

Sophia is enjoying a day off work, oh joy of joys for me. I have been singing and chatting all morning. I am still practicing my "Hoe gaat het met jou?" (How are you?), which is extremely difficult for me. Just now, suddenly, Sophia heard it! Between all the "Hilke", "Haatcheeeeee" and "What's up?", suddenly I ALMOST said it: "Hoe gaat het met jou?" Everybody cheered and I was most proud of all. I have been saying it for the rest of day to try to get it just right.

Another Phobia

For the past few weeks, I have gradually developed a phobia for taking a bath. The one who has read my entire diary (whose name spells Nobody), may have seen this coming. At first I got afraid of the spray bottle until I really panicked upon seeing it, so the family switched to bathing me in the kitchen sink. After a while, I saw little pink elephants there too, so the past few weeks the family decided to give me a rest and not put me through it at all. Today, Sophia saw me trying to bathe in my drinking bowl, so she asked me if I wanted a bath. When she asked me to step up, I bit her! No, I really, definitely, absolutely refuse to even think about it. However, I am afraid that eventually the family will think up A Plan...