Oh No, Sick!

While I am peacefully gobbling my food right now, the whole family is still shaking. What happened? None of us really knows... but let me describe the events.
Early this evening, Sophia was reading next to my cage. Gradually, she became aware that I was breathing heavily as if I had been flying. At first she didn't pay much attention to it, for I had been very busy chewing on a rope and swinging in my cage. However, after a few minutes she realized that something was wrong. My chest was heaving and I had difficulties with breathing. Later still, I vomited a couple of times and tried to defecate every few seconds.
Worried sick, with tears in her eyes, Sophia took me out of the cage and called Jan and Hilke. While I was sitting restlessly on her lap, the family suffered even more just watching me suffer. Jan and Sophia felt literally sick in their stomachs; Sophia was trembling so much that I could feel it while sitting on her knee.
After an hour or so I started to recover: very, very slowly. Now, the family is speculating what it could have been what was wrong with me. Was it the smell of paint (Jan has painted a cupboard this morning)? Did I eat anything wrong? Did something get stuck in my throat? Probably the family will never know and I am not able to tell them.
By the way, the reason why they didn't take me to the vet's right away, is because they know from experience that taking a pet to the vet is often more stressful than being ill in itself. So they wait as long as possible... and I am glad they didn't put me through it.
One thing all of us hope: that this was the first and the last time that I have ever been ill!