I am the smartest bird in the universe!!! (I am known to be exaggerating at times, sorry.) This evening I perched in my cage and Sophia was sitting next to me, when I gave her my attention call ("hoi" in Jan's voice). Since I use it for almost everything, normally Sophia uses all her "telepathic" abilities to guess what I mean. Normally, she is right. This time, she was certain that I wanted to be taken out of my cage and she agreed that it was about time. However, I refused to come out, but nibbled on her finger (gently) and ran to my seed bowl and pretended to be eating. I was hungry and I knew how to show it! Sophia couldn't obey my order any quicker than she did. Now, I have finished my last bite and now I am ready to be taken out. Stop typing, Sophia! Come and take me out of here! "Hoi!"